Our First Lab

No, it's not a joke. Scotty McClendon really made his first batch of car wash cleaning solution in a bathtub. History is full of such humble beginnings. "Eureka!" said Archimedes when he discovered the principle of buoyancy in his tub. We don't know what Scotty said, but what he did was start bottling and selling his solution.

That was in 1953. We've modernized a bit since then. We've also expanded our product line. Now we make industrial cleaners, hand cleaners, tire cleaners and more.

One thing we haven't changed is the high, consistent quality that has made Scotch Plaid the dealer's favorite choice. Then and now, Scotch Plaid's solution is free of acidic additives that damage cars' finish. It keeps your customers coming back and your bottom line up.

And it doesn’t leave a ring.