Powder Touchfree Presoak

Cleaning Power and Economy of Powder Plus the Convenience of a Liquid

Formulated primarily for all friction-free car washes, TLC powder may be used as a presoak in a two-set wash system, or the basic cleaner in units using one low pressure cleaning cycle followed by a high pressure rinse. This alkaline product can also be used for self service applications.

Mixing Instructions:
To clean hundreds of cars safely and economically, simply mix 50 pounds of TLC to 50 gallons of water for a 55 gallon drum of highly concentrated car wash cleaner. 

-Automatic Systems: Dilute 1:36 for direct application onto the vehicle. 
-Self Service Systems: Dilute 1:64 for direct application onto the vehicle.

TLC is also recommended for pressure wash applications such as trucks, trailers and equipment washing. This non-liming cleaning solution contains a light solvent and should not be allowed to dry on the vehicle surface. It is suggested for use by experienced personnel.

Product#:  SPP26C
Physical Form:  Powder
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  Pleasant
Color:  Cream
Foam Tendency:  Medium
Shelf Life:  One Year
Packaged:  50 lb box


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