Ultra Wax

Spray Concentrate

Beauty Kote Ultra Wax is an extremely viscous, highly concentrated synthetic wax formulation designed for use in all self service and tunnel car washes. This deep purple concentrate aids in repelling water while filling paint pores to prevent road film, salt and other grime-laden particles from imbedding into the body surface. Fast water and shedding results when using this quick beading product. Can be used as a cold or hot wax and helps protect against oxidation.

For use in all self service and tunnel car wash systems, prior to a final rinse. Works well as a drying aid.

Mixing Instructions :
Tunnel systems should be adjusted to use approximately ½ oz per car. In self service systems, use a metering tip to obtain a stock solution of 1:104 and apply at low, medium or high pressure.

Product#:  SPL50P
Physical Form:  Liquid
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  None
Color:  Purple
Foam Tendency:  High
Shelf Life:  One Year
Packaged:  5 Gallon Pail, 
30/55 Gallon Poly Drum

Keep from freezing.

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