Tri-Foam Conditioners

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Scotch Plaid's ClearCoat Conditioners safely and effectively prepare the vehicle surface for proper application of a clearcoat protectant. ClearCoat Conditioners are ideal for maintaining and preserving clearcoat finishes on all modern enamels, acrylic and metallic base surfaces. ClearCoat Conditioners penetrate road film, help screen out harmful ultraviolet rays, enhance shine, and also allow for fast, easy rinsing.

Dyna-Pac DynaSheen     More Info...

A pink, blue and gold foaming conditioner with silicone and carnauba wax added to help shine and protect. The banana fragrance enhances customer appeal while the "flash foam" supports fast, easy rinsing.

Polish Brite      More Info...

This tri-foam offers a pleasant citrus aroma in pink, blue and gold foam. Silicone and carnauba wax help provide a polished shield that allows for quick rinsing.