Specialty Products

Scotch Plaid offers both powder and liquid detergents for self service, tunnel and in bay automatic car wash systems. Detergent products range from basic cleaners to super concentrates, and are available as alkaline-based and biodegradable surfactants. Presoak wetting agents and water softeners quickly dissolve dirt and grime.

Fragrance Enhancer
Salt Slayer
Scotch Wall Plus
Wall Cleaner (CORR)
Scotch Wall
Wall Cleaner (UPS SAFE)
Underbody Wash
with Rust Inhibitor
Fresh-A-Roma (OIL)
Oil based Fragrance
Fresh-A-Roma (WATER)
Water based fragrance
Grease Buster Orange
Citrus Hand Cleaner w/grit
Grease Buster Red
Cherry Hand Cleanerw/grit
Grease Gitter
Lanolin Hand Cleaner
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